Do You Love Tapas? We Offer Tapas Delivery, so Enjoy Your Favorites at Home!

Are you having a dinner party at home? Would you like to try a number of different small meals that you can share among family and friends? Order tapas from our restaurant! We love offering tapas to the people we serve, because we know that you’re going to love having small plates of food that give you the opportunity to try new things and share with others.

With small plates, it’s simple to try a variety of items without filling up on too much of one thing. At Once Upon a Time Tapas, we offer dozens of dishes and appetizers that we know you’re going to want to try.

We offer tapas delivery, so you can have a dinner party at home with all your favorite foods. We offer dishes like steak tartare, chocolate cake, mini hamburgers, potato chips, vermut for two and many others and drinks.

One thing that makes our website so great is how easy it is to see what you’re ordering. We have images of all our menu items, and you can also see the pricing to the side. When you order from us online, you’ll click through the menu, choose the items you want and add them to your bag. You can include special instructions for us, too, if you have an allergy or other requests to include.

We are a wonderful restaurant where you can enjoy spending time with your friends and family. We have a retro and vintage feel, creating a cozy atmosphere we hope you’re going to love. We have a terrace for you to try, including heat for chillier nights.

Enjoy your time with us, and you’ll get to see some amazing bands and musicians, too. Or, if you have to stay home, let us provide you with a dinner you’ll love.